Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Check Up

Here is what they are calling my hand these days:

Looks to me more like something off of a mummy movie!

Today was doctor check up day to see how everything was healing inside and out on my hand. I really wasn't all that into the unveiling of my hand but I JUST HAD TO look at it once the dressings came off. And, it looked good and it looked better than I thought it would too although it's still swollen as you can see.

The only thing is that I am experiencing numb sections on my hand. I have some sections on the top of my hand that I cannot feel and the tip of my index finger is mostly there but still has that tingly feeling on it. I hope to god above that the feeling comes back in these as the swelling decreases. Time will tell I guess and there is not much I can do if it doesn't I suppose.

Oh and they looked at my x-rays from today and YES they found another fracture in my wrist. Like I told you before, every time they look at an x ray they find more!! For the love!!

And they actually used the word "shattered" for the first time to describe my index finger. Hadn't heard that one before. I guess when they went in last Monday they found fragments of bone just hanging out waiting to be pinned back into place. Yikes. So I asked if the "snap" that I heard when I crashed was probably, most likely, without a doubt my hand exploding..... and they responded yes. Ooooooh yuck!!!

So they gave me a removable splint for my wrist, some very painful exercises to do for my hand, told me to start using my hand and told me to come back in two weeks.

I then headed to the heavenly land of Costco to pick up some gasoline and groceries and got misquoted by a newspaper reporter. Apparently I ride motorcycles now.

The question as I recall was: Have gasoline prices caused hardship on you and your family?

My answer as I recall it (along with some other yapping): We have just changed the way we do things. We cycle more to get our errands done, my husband cycles to work when he can, we just got our motorcycle out of storage as well and we limit our trips to SLC now more than ever.

I guess she got the overall gist right but geez loo eeez.

I also got to meet up with one of my favorite people, Tiffany P, for lunch. She is a big wig and all and works at the Utah State Capital in her spare time from racing bikes. It was great to catch up with her and get some GOOD advice too. Her friend Laurie suggested sticking TT bars on my bike so I could train outside. THAT got me thinking some for sure. It may just be my evil plan for getting out of my basement!

Oh and I think I have convinced Tiffany to start up a blog. She has been traveling to race and is killing it in the crits this year. Stay tuned!


Mical said...

Oh my goodness, I had no idea that you broke your hand in New York...that's crappy.

Hope you're healing well. Take care of yourself.



Thanks Mical. Great to hear from you.

I am doing what I can to heal well and fast too!