Monday, July 28, 2008

I Knew I Wouldn't Last

I started up again this weekend on the trainer. I just had to. I was going stir crazy not pedaling I swear! And the trainer just started looking juicer and juicer to me every day. So I took it up on its crazy offer to pedal on it in the middle of summer, in my basement, blue bird sky and 90 degrees outside.....and it felt great! I think that when that is your only option it starts looking good even though 2 weeks ago I thought I could never bring myself to do it and even teared up at the thought.

I had to keep switching from having my arm in the sling to just very lightly resting it on the bars. It was quite the load for my right shoulder to bear on its own - my trap muscle and neck are both on edge now but it was worth my sanity. I am just going to have to get my right shoulder ready for the load a bit more. Sometimes I wonder where I would be in all of this if I never did push ups, yoga, pilates or never went to the gym for the last years because my right arm is doing a lot and has taken on so much responsibility! And in a weird way too, it is probably a good thing that I was fresh out of my left arm cast that I got off in June because my right arm was already used to all this load so I didn't have to break it in again.

But my power was SO off that I thought the thing was broken. I know that I didn't lose all my fitness these last 2 weeks but it was quite interesting to see the toll that surgery takes on the body even when you feel "normal". There is more going on inside than you think!

Here is comparison shot of my fingers. The pinkie finger on my left hand is living up to its name! The others are green. Someone called me the incredible hulk the other day. The things I put up with I tell you........ :)

Now I suppose I am gonna hear about my polka dots and striped shorts. What can I say? It was working for me at that moment!


Utah Mnt biker said...

At least the colors match...

If you want to ride outside, make Chris move your trainer to the deck.


See.....I thought so too on the colors!

That is a GREAT idea for getting outside!!!!!!!!!!!!!!