Sunday, July 27, 2008

Chris and I went to Park City for breakfast with our buds then to the street fair that was happening......that is stuff we NEVER get to do during the season because training always comes first plus I am always gone when people visit. Making the best of things right now I guess.

Ran into Jen Hanks for the second day in a row too. She was finishing up her last 6 hour ride (3 days in a stinking row!) before she rests up for the Transrockies race coming up in a few weeks. Impressive! I would say she pretty much knows all the trails in PC at this point.

Chris getting ready to drive our motorcycle home from PC where its been living at our friends house. Got to chat with them and just hang for a while and catch up with them. I haven't seen them in about 3 years although Chris has.

I may just get used to all this freedom from the bike eh? Yeah right.....who am I trying to kid anyway?!

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