Saturday, July 26, 2008

Heber City Demolition Derby

Getting sprayed with anti-freeze rules! Glasses are good for a lot of things!

Our buddies from Santa Barbara who took care of me when I had my broken thumb are here visiting! Yey!

And on Friday I somehow got 8 tix to a very sold out derby in Heber (it sold out in February I guess!!) by making a few phone calls to the right people.

So we rallied the troops:

And apparently so did everyone else:

Even though it was going to rain on all of us:

And went to the derby.

The cars are all lined up ready to rumble:

We hid for a while under the bleachers as it rained:

Dirt was flying:

Here is a before pix:

And during:

And after:

Backing up at high speed to crash into each other is the method of choice so they don't destroy their own engine

This purple car was like a pin wheel as the black car drove in a circle trying to get it off of his own car

Cars getting completely trashed

Rain coming our way

Rain is here

The tiny car heat:

Mud flew into the bleachers left and right.......and right down my shirt too!

Action shot:


Trucks piled on each other (far left):

Eric playing on dirty bleachers:

More action shots:

Truck heat:

And, wow it was loud!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After 4 hours of crash, bang, boom, mud flying, smoke, fires, blood, some fights, getting sprayed with EVERYTHING under the sun, getting rained on, then there was a HUGE fire works show.

On the way home none of us could hear ourselves think! It was shower time when we got home as we trailed dirt into the house as it fell off of us and out of our hair.

Quite the experience I must say but it was a good way to finally get some laughs and forget about my hand for the first time since surgery.


primetime formerly known as slyfox said...

thats a pretty good picture blog, the top has the car painted on the back.

kiss this.

oh shit thats gold..

Patricia Sherwin said...

What's next, monster trucks? Looks like you Heberites had fun at the Demolition Derby.

Kathy, your hand looks poofie but appears to be healing. Hope the progress continues, but just for now, best stay off the motorcycle.

All my best,