Friday, July 25, 2008


Surgery for my mangled hand went super well and I am doing really great. I take well to surgery I guess since I was at Quiznos Subs 20 minutes after waking up and walking out of the hospital on Monday (this was my first ever surgery). Granted I didn't take the straightest line walking wise to get there....but I got there!

Since then things have been good meaning I am sleeping like a log at night and don't have any pain even though I put the Percoset away on Wednesday. I must admit that I am slightly going stir crazy because I can't do much. I can't type well, can't go to yoga or pilates, can't really drive, reading is getting old and TV is even getting older (all the things I wish I could be doing at one time or another during my crazy life!)..... but despite all this I am trying to enjoy my "off season", so no I am not riding yet either. Oh well, at least every day is a day closer to the end of this we hope.

Chris is being great too and is really helping me out with opening super tight jars, cutting up my vegetables so I can make a salad and doing all that stuff that I took for granted when I had two useful hands! Speaking of which, thank heavens they make these things for flossing or I would be SOL:


tiffp said...

Maybe Quizno's should sponsor you. So glad to hear surgery went well!!

Anonymous said...

Um, those floss sticks are MAKING MY DAY! Right handed tooth brushing is so hard....just wanted to leave an "I hear ya!" Fractured my humerus (dominant arm) at a race a couple weekends ago, had surgery last Tuesday, and it's been baby steps ever since. Isn't it strange to be so still and useless? (not to mention not riding) Just have to embrace the time as a new adventure, of sorts. Stick in there, you will be back at it soon enough!


Anon – I am SO sorry to hear about your arm and your surgery. Hang in there. Every day seems to be a new adventure....THAT's for sure.