Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Clearance Clarence!

Didn't have to tell me that twice!

I went to the Hand Surgeons office yesterday for a 3 week (since surgery) check up. Good news. Bad news.

The good news is that my hand is healing super fast and super well. Both surprisingly so according to him.

The bad news is that the scar tissue is so severe that my mobility and range of motion is really restricted still which means that if I can't get it to move, I need more surgery in 4 months to remove the scar tissue.

More surgery? THAT one I did not see coming. Not by a long shot. The alternative in the meantime is to do some wicked hand therapy sessions to break up the scar tissue which will in turn hopefully get my hand going.

Oh man that is gonna suck! In fact it already does suck because he showed me what to do on my hand everyday and oh boy it hurts. It involves stretching the ligaments to the point that you are wincing and it also involves pushing down on the scar tissue repeatedly like you are massaging it. But on the contrary, it feels nothing like a massage and more like torture. I mean, I don't even want to put lotion on the dang thing because it's so tender and here I am totally wrenching on it. Oh yeah - it feels awesome. Well, that is what I tell myself as I try and divert my attention from the pure and utter pain that I am inflicting on myself. I should be used to that right? But lordy this is certainly another type of pain that I don't like!

My goal by working on it everyday myself for a few hours is to NOT have to have surgery again. Although that was the easiest part of all this, I just can't do it again if I can help it. I at least have to know that I tried everything I could to not have it, if it ends up that I do need surgery.

But there is other good news too!!!!!! I can ride outside now on the road with my mountain bike. I bargained with the doctor on that one. See why I went with this guy? He rocks and is willing to work with me. Although, I think he probably saw it on my face when he walked in and asked me how I was. I said physically - good, mentally - not so good. So maybe that helped him to come to the bargaining table vs. saying flat out NO to my plea. The one stipulation? Don't fall.

So I got home in a jiffy and saddled right up.....with Chris's help of course.

But I couldn't wait to get outside!! It was like driving home to see your new puppy or something. But it was kind of weird getting ready after a month of not riding outside too. I still had my clear lenses in from being back East racing!

While out we saw the moon.

And our resident hawk waiting to make a kill

And then doing it:

Here is my get up for riding with a broken wrist and hand.

The smile couldn't get much bigger!

What am I thinking??? Ahhhhhhhhhhh. The great outdoors!!!!


Jennie said...

great to hear your back on your bike. Stop hurting yourself, we need you to inspire us during cross.


Unfortunately this bike thing for me lately, whether on the bike or not, seems to be ALL ABOUT hurting yourself!

Art said...

They told me the same thing about scar tissue last year when I broke my wrist. A lot of forced range of motion work and massage and I now have full range of motion back and no 2nd surgery. I would like to point out though that I am not a Dr. nor do I even play one on TV.


Hey Art -

I use that "Dr." line too sometimes! Funny.

I am so happy to hear about other positive experiences people have had - thanks for sharing and I am glad you are up and running.