Thursday, August 14, 2008

Tour of Utah - Day 2

The Tour of Utah Road Race is here this week and is taking place all around the surrounding mountains that we live in. So cool! I cannot tell you how refreshing it was to be out and about in a race setting and see all the people that I haven't seen in months who also came out to watch.

The top of Big Mountain near Salt Lake City waiting for the race leaders to come through.

Fox and Bart

The race leaders battling a massive head wind:

A group of two trickle through.

And more make their way to the top.

And then some more.

Heading down one of the final descents before hitting Salt Lake City.

The race was so incredibly blown apart as you can see with all the different groups that came through. The wind was fierce and so was all the climbing they had to do today (10,000 plus feet today for these guys!)

Try doing THAT (10,000 feet) at race pace. Ugh.

These guys are just machines.

Nice views from the top!

And devil?? Too funny!

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