Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Everywhere I Look

there is therapy stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EEEEEk gads.

What is my house now............a stinking Physical Therapist office? As I walk around my house into each room I am finding there is a common theme.

My sling in the office

My splint and hand exercises in the kitchen:

A therapy band with ankle exercises to do (for the ankle I tweaked at Deer Valley while pre-riding the course) in the living room

More therapy bands for my left shoulder that is the size of a walnut now:

The hallway filled with all my hand splints I have used in the past 3 months.

The nightstand filled with pain pills in case I can't sleep, along with more splinting junk:

And in the bathroom, my race registration bag from Silver City, NM that I have used in the shower since April 30th to cover my casts and/or splints that I have had the privilege of having all $%$%&#@ summer:

Oh well. At least the splint I have now is removable and more importantly is super EASY and comfortable to use on the bike which makes it really tempting to ride outside..............really tempting. But I will try and be good and not go because healing correctly is important along with not having any more complications than necessary.

But I guess all the therapy bands and junk are all working since I had a hand breakthrough today with my therapy exercises. I got my hand at more of a degree than I ever have! So exciting (see this is the excitement that I get to have now that I am home all day every day).

And about those pills by the things are potent arent they? I had made an appt right after my surgery while "on" those things and didn't even remember making the appt! When my calender alarm went off to remind me about it I had no idea what was going on. Not even a clue that I had made the appt and even had called to confirm that I did actually have an appt in an hour now! Wow.

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