Friday, August 29, 2008

Oh Boy is this Ever True

I found this in the PT Office today.

I went in to see the Hand Therapist again today and got some great news. She measured my hand and found that in one certain position, I had made a 15 degree increase in 2 days!! Her eyes widened and said that is HUGE!! That psyched me up for sure because I will tell you what...I have been doing EVERYTHING that I can to get my hand functional again. I will sit down for an hour in the middle of the afternoon (not wanting too of course) and do all my hand exercises and therapy; then I will do it again at night. It is so time consuming but so dang important if I want full function of my hand ever again. In fact, my Hand Therapist is darn certain that I won't need more surgery to get my hand going again. What a HUGE relief!

I mentioned to her that I thought my middle finger was bent the wrong way too so she poked and prodded and thinks I dislocated it in the wreck. So THAT's WHY its been hurting even more than the broken hand bones. I wondered. Guess those take a long while to heal up.

I also graduated to using clothes pins as resistant training for my hand. We are high tech aren't we? And after a lot of "Are you SURE'S????" to the therapist, I successfully popped all my finger joints in the broken hand. It felt totally disgusting to do but my Hand Therapist wanted it done; she said it breaks up the scar tissue. I normally pop my fingers but since its all inflamed in there still, it felt all crunchy munchy and sick. Plus it is a bit unnerving to sit there and pull on the fingers of the hand you just got put back together on. Eeeeeooooh. Yucky. She congratulated me on it too after I did it. I guess its a big ta doo because it means you are getting near normal. Me? Normal?? Ha!!! :)

Riding is still going well and I now able to go over train tracks no problem. Before I was lifting my hand and now I don't have to! Yes! And along that score, my Hand Therapist said she wanted to see some pics of me racing cross so that we could work on the exact areas of my hand and arm that need strengthening. She rocks I tell you. To have a therapist that gives a rats about your life is amazing and so important too.

This isn't something you see everyday while training unless you live by a bunch of birds and wires.

I continue to meet amazing people in therapy with such terrible stories. Today I met a guy in hand therapy that was involved in a car accident that left his hand mangled. So mangled in fact that they considered lopping it off. Talk about having to go through hand therapy! So sad. That accident was in April and he continues to need ongoing surgery and therapy. Wow. It really makes you look at your situation and think that you are one lucky ducky. And then you look at his and think he is one amazing person to be taking this all on so well. It has changed his life drastically and he is probably only mid 20's I bet. Good on him for getting after it and living his life the best that he can right now.

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