Thursday, August 28, 2008

What's Up Next?

Everyone has been asking about what I am doing next and what my plan is. Let's put it this way......I just booked my flight up to WA for the first UCI Cyclocross races that are taking place on Sept 20 and 21. Ok ok, so its a bit premature and I will need to get my doctors oak-ee-doke-ee early September but I will still probably go up since my brother lives 5 minutes from Redmond race and my parents live 5 minutes from the Steilacoom race. It is just a matter if I bring the bikes or not I guess. And if I don't race in those races I will certainly be racing cross in October along with hitting all the USGPCX races!!

My Hand Therapist said to plan on going to WA but I still need to get the ok from my Hand Surgeon. And if he says no then I won't go. I don't want to push things - it has been far too much trouble and trauma to go race and ruin everything!

The good news is that I am training again full on. I was soooooo excited to do my first intensity ride that I jumped the gun even and continued to hammer for longer than I was supposed to. Why does killing myself make me feel good? I am going to guess it is because its a sign that I am back to normal again after quite the ta doo.

And getting my hand to grip my bike firmer is coming along. At first it took about 30 minutes to get my hand totally wrapped around and actually holding on to the bars but now it does that right off the bat. That is progress!!!

And my wrist and fingers are getting happier with each day too. It is a lot easier for me to shift now and getting on the bike is easier too since I can put more weight on my left wrist. It's about time since its been 7 weeks since I broke my wrist!

These are some pictures of a beautiful sunset we had a few nights ago in Heber City.

So yeah, things are coming together again for me and I couldn't be happier about that. I have worked hard to get this far this fast but its not over yet.

And I am certainly going to miss being at Brianhead, UT this weekend for the MTB Finals but I came to terms with the fact that my mtb season was WAY over the second I looked at my index finger bone trying to come out of my skin in NY. Nasty nasty!

So it is on to cross now and I cannot wait............

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Anonymous said...

Sweet on the WA thing. I'll be in Oregon the same time. Don't think I'll travel up to Red...but you never know.