Monday, September 8, 2008

Clime - en

Good lord I love this place called Santa Barbara! So much riding to do - so little time. I was down on this road looking up at the top of those mountains thinking that was looking like a mighty fine way for me to fill in a day on the bike. And it was.

The Pain(ted) Cave road pitches up really quickly from the one major intersection.

And it was worth it.

Ahhhhh. Shade!

Looking down towards the ocean over the road I came up in the way distance.

On the way back down after climbing 3400 feet in what seemed like a flash because it was so fun, I ran into what the Gap Fires left in July. Not much left on the top of these mountains. Luckily after being evacuated from their house, our friends house was left untouched. What a scary time!

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