Thursday, September 11, 2008

Set Free

We finally left Santa Barbara on Tuesday and since we are high rollers in Nevada (not!!!) they practically paid us to stay in the hotels there (yes, really). They were hurting for hotel guests I guess and Primm, NV was a good halfway point on our drive back home. Just prove that we were really high rollers, I think I spent a whole 25 cents on gambling that night.

We did do a fair share amount of shopping the next day though which was a great way to end an awesome vacation. We then took our time on the rest of the way home (aka - I drove) and saw some great scenery on the AZ and UT border.

The next day was one nutty day just getting our lives in order again after being gone. This was also the big day that I was going to get my "yey or nay" on racing this month by my Hand Surgeon. And....................

He took x-rays of my hand, checked out the range of motion (or lack thereof) of my hand and then sat back in his chair, looked at me and said the words that I have waited over 2 months to hear:

"I am going to go ahead and let you do what you want, no restrictions."

I was in complete disbelief. I have been just so used to handing over the reins to every one else to make decisions about how I am going to live my life. I have been so used to going with the flow and listening to everyone else choose my path for me and make my plans for me. And to then hear that I have been set free to make my own decisions about my own life? Wow. Me in charge of me? Quite the concept to grasp again. This news did come as a total shock although I knew that the day was coming soon. So now I am officially in charge of my own life again!! It is almost like being set free from my own personal jail!

So the real down and dirty on my hand as the doc sees it is that I have healed really well, really fast and have come beyond far in less than 2 months out of surgery (remember that one doctor I saw told me I would be out 12 weeks!). While not TOTALLY and COMPLETELY healed (that will take many more months for the bone to knit itself to 100%) the bones are where they need to be at the moment and he sees no need to hold me back until late fall for that 1-2% of bone to heal up. Yes!

At this point I am supposed to use pain and soreness as my guide for riding, racing, yoga, pilates and whatever. If it hurts - back off and if it doesn't - go for it! But I can do whatever I want whether is Cyclocross or mountain biking. Yay!!!!

But it could go either way.......... I could jump on my cyclocross bike and be just fine with pain and soreness or it could be bad and I may decide I will need more time. I will just have to see and experiment and figure it out for myself which is what he needs me to do at this point. I will happily take that challenge on! Yey Yey Yey yey!!!!! Ra Ra Ra!!!

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