Friday, September 12, 2008

Hand Therapy Continues

My hand is looking better but is still quite lumpy if I do say so myself. The scars are still very there and just for fun I added a new one on my ring finger last week. I got a second degree burn on that finger from oil splattering all over it when making stir fry. Nice. At least its still numb in the exact spot I burned it on (from the surgery) so it hasn't hurt a wink as its bubbled up and scabbed over.

Is that the third thing that can and will go wrong with this particular part of my body? I hope so because I have had enough: 1st - broken thumb, May 08, 2nd - broken metacarpals, July 08, 3rd - burns, Sept 08. Good lord enough is enough already! Dare I say I better start being careful but I want to live my life and careful isn't really part of what I do (sorry mom, not much has changed with all this has it - lol).

Next up today was seeing my Hand Therapist. She measured the degrees that my hand and fingers were bending and was impressed with the numbers I was pulling. I apparently made good progress while on the road doing therapy on my own.

She was also able to dig out one of the last stitches that was stuck in my hand. It was annoying having it stuck in there and wasn't helping the progress of therapy because it was too tender to work near that area. But now its gone and that is great; but really all that means is that she can start reaming that area of my hand now too. Oh joy. Maybe I should have left it in???

I met a guy today in hand therapy who was getting a splint made after taking a 1500 foot fall on K2 in the Himalayas. A splint is all this guy needs? WOW with a big W and a big O and another big W. He was more than lucky you could say. Read about his rescue here. Amazing. He was having his splint made so the he could still rock and ice climb too if possible. It was great. He just wants to get back out there and do what he loves and I could feel every last bit of his pain of having restrictions put on that.

Oh, and I got to play a new game in hand therapy too. Now its "pick the peg up with the big tweezer thing and place the peg in the hole." Awesome.........


Downhilldiva said...

Kathy, it was so nice meeting you yesterday. Thanks for all of your help and encouragement. Best of luck with the hand!



Thanks Shanna! Nice work on Saturday too. See you out there very very soon!