Sunday, September 14, 2008

Cyclocross Clinic

Yesterday as I was heading down to Salt Lake for our Cyclocross Clinic that Ali, Bart and I were putting on, I saw these hot air balloons. That is one sure sign that fall is coming when its cold enough to launch these suckers!

It was a big day in a lot of ways for me. We put on this clinic for those interested in learning cross and for those who are already interested in cross and want to learn more and hone in their skills. We had a great day almost doubling the amount of people in attendance from last year too. There was a nice group of about 30 of us running around like goobers with our bikes.

Here Ali took some time off from instructing to show us some of the more used skills in cross. I mean should always bunny hop a barrier if possible right? :)

Break time! Thanks for the much needed shade Mona Vie!

Ali instructing one of the groups on braking skills

Another group practicing barriers

It wasn't exactly cross weather but we sure ran and jumped like it was!

Bart pours water and completely soaks an off camber tight corner in order to go over cornering drills.

Ali with wife and 2 week old Ethan

And for the grand finally of the clinic we got all the different groups together and practiced race starts. It is always rewarding to see everyone doing so awesome after one fun day of learning! And to think some of these guys and gals were cross never evers at the beginning of the day and there they were going over the barriers and corning like pros!!! It is going to be a fun and great season for these guys! They have a great head start now too.

So today was the BIG TEST for my wrist and hand too. My Hand Surgeon, Hand Therapist, and coach among many others are and were all waiting to hear how it went because you just don't know until you try it. It could have been great or it could have been a disaster because it was THE FIRST time I tried to use my wrist and hand without any restriction or holding back. I just let it all go as I tried the barriers, then some shouldering and I was able to do everything from lifting the bike, dismounting, remounting, etc. and had NO problem-os. My wrist nor my hand even gave me a twinge nor a jab. Nothing! Notta! Zilch! And quite honestly I was expecting some twinges or something at least but got a whole lotta nothing instead. Actually, you know what I got instead? I got sore toes! What the?? I think I ran more yesterday in that clinic than I will run all season combined in cross races.

So guess what all this means!!!!?!

Yep, I am back and I am racing couldn't resist.....soooooo......I am racing cyclocross this weekend in WA! I am packing my bags immediately and heading north! I cannot tell you just how good it is going to feel to line up again!


Ryan Hamilton said...


Didn't get a chance to thank you for the great clinic. I'll be so much smoother over the barriers and the practice race starts were a great way to gear up for the first line up of the season.


Thanks Ryan. Thank YOU for being a part of the clinic. It was fun and it will pay off for everyone that was there that day.