Wednesday, September 17, 2008

UT to WA

Southwest is the only way to fly with bikes these days at $50 a pop each way. Some of the airlines are at $175 each way for the bike only if you can even believe it. Shocking.

I found the answer to the question everyone has been wondering about though:
Do you beep going through the metal detectors now? NOPE.

But hey, what can you say, my friend walked on with a pocket knife. Nice.

So I got to my parents house and it was pretty heart wrenching that my dad didn't recognize me at all. He got up from his nap, looked at me, came down the stairs and walked right past me. Very upsetting but I knew the day was coming which of course doesn't make this kind of situation any more bearable. I cried and sobbed while trying to tell my dad how much I miss him. Do you know how weird it is to be looking at someone with them looking back at you while you are telling them that you miss them, miss their voice, miss hearing their ideas, miss sharing, miss laughing together. It is the strangest of circumstances. My dad only responded by patting my arm - he is a stroke victim. He is physically able but has lost any communication skills. He lives in his head and I miss him more than someone who is already gone.

After I bucked up as my parents used to say, I got the bikes unpacked and built with no kind of did cuz I apparently busted one of my front brakes by trying to cram my bikes in the bag last night. My fault. Whoops.

So I took it to the bike shop that I used to go to as a kid to buy pads and stickers for my BMX bike. Crazy how much hasn't changed in 25 years!

They got er up and running no probs and I went and rode the Fort Steilacoom course. I wasn't the only one with that grand idea as there were tons of crossers out there checking it out too and simulating the course as best as we all could (it isn't set up yet). The sunset from there was crazy cool.

Got home and found my mom inspired to ride. Legs in the air doing the bicycle.

I ended the day on a good laugh after that one! Good on her!


Frenchy aka Bike Boy said...

Congrats for some super solid racing this weekend!

Jennie said...

a podium finish and no report. Can't wait to hear about it. Congrats


I know.....isn't that BAD?? There has been NO time with the podium finish Sat, race Sunday, fly home Monday, fly to Vegas Tuesday and race Wed.....

I will get on it here soon I promise! :)