Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Hand Therapy

Yep, still doing plenty of therapy when I am home in between races. It is still extremely time consuming but if I want full use of my hand, I have to do it. The cool thing is that racing is therapy for it. I never thought THAT was possible, but just gripping the bike bars and using my hand during the races works the range of motion as well as the strength aspect.

That is a good thing since I walked back in to see my Hand Therapist in Park City, UT with my tail between my legs. I had to confess yet again that I hadn't done any formal therapy on my own while I travelled to races. She was ok with that though but did say that this patient did the same thing one to many times.

I love Halloween! Actually, she didn't say that and was cool with it but then proceeded to make me hit the ceiling trying to force the range of motion as she wrenched my hand for the next hour.

We did some testing again on it too and despite my lack of therapy on it the last few weeks, I had improved range of motion wise by a few degrees as well as strength wise too. Cool. You have to love the body for always wanting to build itself again and be healthy when it's not. My right hand is still twice as strong as my left but the left is catching up on its own! Yes!

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