Thursday, October 23, 2008

Hand Surgeon

We had a nice sunset tonight!

This week has just been a down right cluster. Between trying to nail down sponsorship for next year, bills up the yang coming in for all my broken body parts from this race season, a full email inbox and appts everyday I have had plenty do to.

So when my Hand Surgeon was 1.5 hours late to see me today I didn't even notice. Seriously. I was on the phone and texting the entire time I waited. Too much shiz going on right now for sure.

But once I got in to see my Hand Surgeon he let me know that he was breaking up with me and this would be our last visit unless I wanted to consider having the metal plates taken out. People leave them in mostly but some have them taken out if they are inter fearing with life. For instance, my left hand gets extremely cold compared to my right hand because there is freaking metal in there not far from the surface of the top of my hand. And I guess if its too annoying I can have the plates removes. They also remove them if range of motion is still hindered which mine still is. I am opting to leave everything as is for the moment because it's another 6 weeks of recovery time after yet another surgery. And although the second time around is not as insanely intense as these last 3 months have been therapy wise I will opt out on that one for now. Plus I am just not into opening the body up unless you HAVE to.

So I guess I am fully healed according to the x-rays that were taken today and my doctor about fell off his chair when I told him what I had been up to (9 races in 6 states) since I last saw him 6 weeks ago. He was psyched and blown away too at just how well my racing is going and even told me that I had come VERY far in a VERY short time. I love hearing that!

He did scare me though. He told me that I only had 1 - 2 months left for trying to get my range of motion back and that was about it. That sucks.

Right now I am completely pain free (hail to a good hand surgeon!!) and I don't feel it or think about it at all while I am on the bike. The only thing I am lacking is range of motion and strength in that hand. The only way I can describe the range of motion thing is that if I were to grab a bunch of almonds with that hand, I wouldn't be able to hold onto all of them completely because I can't make a tight fist yet. Is that something I could live the rest of my life with? Sure, and people do, but why should I if I can do therapy myself to get as much range as I can in the next 2 months out of it. You never know when you may actually NEED that motion later in life either!

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