Sunday, October 26, 2008

MTBing Deer Valley

It is still getting up to 70-75 during the day here which is the perfect time to get out on the mountain bike and take er for a spin......although I haven't done that since the day I broke my hand and wrist in Windham, NY in July.

So today was the maiden voyage on the dirt with my Cannondale Scalpel since my incident. It had been sitting in the garage collecting dust this entire time which is so sad. I hadn't even touched it but when I did today that thing felt like a Cadillac - with suspension and the whole nine yards. I am so used to my cross bike right now!

Riding with the da boys (Chris, The Chad and Blake-ee-poo)

We got a good 3000 feet of vertical in, saw a dog that we thought was bear, put up with Chris's stinky's (and he was leading!!!) and even got a tad off the beaten path too but what else is new on that one.....we were with The Chad after all. :)

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Genericyclist said...

Glad to see you are back on the MTB! Your cross results are blowing my mind given how keen you have been at busting yourself up this year....all the best for more continued success! Enjoy the weather while you know snow and mud are in your immediate future. I could not believe the weather today..shorts and shortsleeves on Glenwild with Halloween 3 days away, nutty.