Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgive Me-Food

We went over to Wayne and Debs for the huge meal today. This is Wayne. Wayne is a "bike tour organizer and leader - aholic" in the summer and a ski instructor bar none in the winter.

And this is Deb. She is some cook. Holy yummy!

Lotta people and a lotta food. Some people were even Thanksgiving virgins since over half of the 19 people there were Aussies!!

The secret to not overeating? Sit next to the Director of Sport Science for the US Ski Team. Makes you all nervous, self conscious and stuff about what your are chowing on.

Ok, guess I wasn't that nervous.

I can have 6th's right?

And as the night progressed, things got outta hand. Yeah, that is a doggy door but in his defense, the beer was on the deck.


Anonymous said...

fuuunnnny! Missed you today at wheeler. I worked very hard for a tenth tummy is telling me I'm an idiot right now!


MT - 10th!!! Way to kill it out there... which includes your stomach. Nice effort!