Saturday, November 29, 2008

Stick a Fork in Me

I am done. Wow. Can you say beyond tired and fried right now? Thank the good lord that this is a recovery week because I need it more than ever. Seems like the only things I have been doing are sleeping and riding.....that is if you can call what I am doing riding. It is more like pushing the pedals barely enough to get around the Heber Valley every day. It is pathetic!

What is more pathetic is the lack of snow and the lack of snow that is to come according to the weather people. Now....mind you...I don't mind this in the bike sense of the things but in the "I would like my husband and all my friends to have a job" sense of things this is not so good right now.

I know it will get here in time and in the meantime we are enjoying some luxury unheard of 45-50 degree temps here at the end of the November.

To give you a sense of what the sich-ee-ation looks like, this is a picture with the ski mountains in the distance. And just to really confuse you, that is only a white cloud on top of the mountain, not snow.

There is touch of snow on the left but normally THE BASE of those mountains look like this after a good year:

I know it will get here and at least Deer Valley is able to blow snow in order to open next Saturday, December 6th.

In the meantime, here is to some nice "warm" weather riding!!

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