Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Wind - Dee

We enjoyed an incredible sunset last night in Heber.

And we are continuing to have some sweet training weather...although I think that may be changing. At the beginning of my ride things were looking a bit like this:

And by the end of my ride things were looking more like this:

The wind was out of control today as I was dodging flying twigs and massive amounts of leaves whirling around in the middle of the street. I was like vertigo sometimes with the leaves in the air swirling around and I had to remind myself to keep going straight. But the crazy thing was that it was still like 52 or something. Wow. December?

Oh and I wore that stupid jacket that sounds like a freakin helicopter when the wind hits it. What was I thinking!? I was consistently freaking the horses out every time I road by them today. That is how loud that jacket is. Ridiculous. I am going to lose my hearing if I keep wearing that thing!

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