Friday, December 19, 2008

Car Incident

What is wrong with this picture?

You were right if you said, "you aren't on the highway"

I feel pretty lucky right now to be sitting here writing this. On my way up to Park City today for my Hand Therapy Appt. I hit ice at 70 mph. After doing several 360's I went careening off of the not so snowy highway into the middle of the highways where I ended up in a ditch. I was stuck right side up thankfully (others were not so lucky).

The snow had just started to stick after I had just taken the car out of 4 wheel drive to save gas.....last time I do that although even if it had been in 4 wheel, nothing is great on ICE .

I was so dizzy when I stopped spinning and felt like I was going to throw up. Thankfully no one else was involved, my car is ok and so am I - our family doesn't need any more incidents or drama!!

Right before it happened I had just passed someone else getting pulled from the ditch and thought to myself "ooh that sucks, better let off the gas" and before I did I was out of control.

I was out of control long enough while still on the road that I thought I got the car under control 3 separate times before I started pinwheeling into the ditch between the 2 highways.

Then once I stopped, the cop who was already there getting others out let me try and get out on my own. So I put er in 4 wheel low and got some momentum going which was working pretty well with some good driving techniques but every time I almost got out I had to let off the gas because of the down hill traffic blasting past me. I certainly couldn't pull out on a highway in 4 low going 20mph!! So I had to give up and wave the cop back down to call a tow truck for me. I think its kind of funny actually that the cop initially let me try and get out because here I was bombing down the middle of the highway 4 x 4 ing the snow hoping I could just continue on up to PC.

Oh and the kind of lame part of this was that the cop stuck his face in my passenger window and asked me if I had been drinking (it was noon). I had no idea where he was going with that at first and responded yes, water. He probably thought I was being sassy but I really wasn't! So after that response he stuck his nose obnoxiously into the car and made all these completely ridiculous high pitched whiffing sounds as he was sniffing my car for alcohol. Too bad I hadn't had that beer, bbq, coleslaw and beans last night!

But I would have to say that the worst part of it really was waiting for the tow truck because I was sitting target watching all the other cars sliding everywhere. I even watched a semi jackknife on the highway and go into the same ditch I was in only a couple hundred feet down from me. It is the blob in front of the left stake.

That part of it was so stressful. I just wanted out of there before someone hit me from either side of the highway!!!!!! People were hauling ass like I was because the road was fine with little snow on it but little did they know or I know that there was ice silently lurking. Here were my exact thoughts as I sat there.

Ahhh, rescue is here!

Life isn't without crazy things happening to me, that is for sure. But I have at least learned now that if you see people off the side of the road, there is a reason and ice is likely the case.

BE CAREFUL out there everyone. Leave early!!

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