Thursday, December 18, 2008

Worked Over

I got home safe and sound and once I did I didn't come out of the house until today and even then it was brief. I am completely worked over. I am not sick but my body has completely and totally hit a massive wall.

I think I knew in my head that I just had to suck things up until the final cross race on Sunday. Then once I got home my body had had it.

I even started getting sick on Saturday while in Kansas and I just told myself that it wasn't an option, I was there, I had to compete, I made it that far and I woke up race day that next day completely fine. But now my body is DONE with a capital D. On Tuesday, I was on the couch for 8 hours and even venturing upstairs was a huge effort.

Like I said, I am not sick just worked over and I am listening to my body every step of the way because this has been one crazy a$# year for it breaking my thumb first, then my hand and wrist then having all this stuff with the family go down these past 3 weeks. I need rest and I am taking it and it feels marvelous!

I wouldn't want to build on this wobbly platform for the mtb season right now so rest is the main ingredient for the moment.

Gotta love this - a simple set of batteries

Turn them over.

Really, I shouldn't swallow them? Is that a bad idea? Shouldn't people and kids who can read and comprehend that already know that?

But maybe that is the ticket for me and it would make my body feel better though?

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tiffp said...

congrats on a great comeback KS! perfect time to be relaxing instead of trying to train in the arctic conditions.