Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

We got some good snow today!

Well perhaps more of you had merrier Christmas's than I - at least I hope so. I stayed home alone all day watching the snow pile up and cleaned the house. That is ok - I actually wanted to clean. Being on the road all year long doesn't allow for all but a light clean here and there and I like things spic and span!! So I took this day to enjoy my own company (Chris was working) and to clean like crazy. It was actually very pleasant believe it or not.

Then it was finally time to enjoy life a little because it was Christmas party time! Too bad it was up in Park City and the highways were covered completely in snow with whiteout and windy conditions.

But we braved the storm anyway with another couple from Heber and had a nice, enjoyable and SAFE evening.

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Anonymous said...

damn girl, I was driving that same highway to PC! What a friggin nightmare....only I couldn't sit at home spending Xmas alone like a sad old cat lady.