Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I Graduated!

This last Friday was my official last day of Hand Therapy. My PT visits ran out but I am pretty good to go overall so its ok. I could keep going but I should save my new set of PT visits for any challenges that may occur in 09 (lets hope this is not the case right?).

So the hand is pretty good. It is still swollen some and any issues are with my middle finger now. It was dislocated in the wreck in July and sat nestled in between the 2 hand bones that I blew out. So it got the brunt of everything that happened on either side of it.

I can pretty much make a fist now but its still stiff. As for range of motion, its golden too except for that darn middle finger. Before the wreck I was able to stretch that whole finger back 90 degrees and now I can only get it 30. Not a big deal with what I am doing now with my life but hopefully I won't need the other 60 for anything in the future I guess. I am still working on it myself though because it bugs me to all hell to have it like it is. I want it back to normal dang it! It is that soft tissue thing vs. just blowing everything out thing. Blowing it out can be a lot easier and better which was the case in my particular scenario.

So, yeah... yoga, Pilate's, some specific weights for my arm and shoulder are all helping a ton with everything. It is helping get the strength and flexibility back but I am having some residual effects from the wreck in my shoulder for sure. Got some weird pain there that is more annoying than anything. And its because that side is weaker now but I am using it like normal.

The broken wrist is good too. I keep forgetting about it until I try to do an arm balance for too long in Yoga and it starts getting weak on me and sends twinges. Annoying but that will change with time.

Other than that, I have been working at Deer Valley, hanging with buddies from out of town (Kristin and Eric from Santa Barbara!!) and training for the mtb season.

Life in the fast lane. HA!

Oh and its always cool to make the "Best of 2008" pictures when you need some motivation while plugging away on your trainer! Those scratches on my leg are just a reminder of the wicked crazy season I had. They were from randomly careening into the trees during the Deer Valley Cross Country race the day before, totalling my bike and thankfully not me. That was a week later in NY........


flahute said...

So let me get this straight ... your hand is stuck in flip-off mode?


I thought someone might pick up on that. hee hee.