Saturday, January 3, 2009

Party Hardy

Yeah, well not really. Remember I AM a bike racer after all. We didn't even make it to midnight and left the party early - shocker. The Sherwins are just so much fun aren't they? But Chris is a tad tired as you can see here and has a super long week ahead of him. The boy needs rest!

How can I take Eric seriously at all with that thing on his head?

Our CA crew of Jaclyn, Kristin and Eric.

As for resolutions?? I kind of don't go there but I do go in the direction of setting goals. I definitely have some cycling goals for the 09 mtb and cross season along with some smaller personal/self improvement goals that I have been trying to ease into for a while. Hopefully 09 will seal the deal on those self goals. Habits can be hard to break!

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