Monday, January 5, 2009

No Camera!?

What a night to have your camera batteries run out on you. Saturday night was the Utah Cyclocross awards party and there was some good stuff to be seen. The theme was Talladega Nights and there was everything from sweet hair dos to full on car racing kits. Chris and I choose the "pit crew" route since one of our co-workers used to pit for Penske racing. Some folks had the coolest old sponsored racing jackets too (like Perrier). It was neat to see what people came up with.

This was the first time I had heard about the awards party and so it was nice to actually attend and play in the reindeer games!! I had no idea that they even had an cyclocross awards party until after the fact in the past. Whoops.

But I will tell you what, you don't have to say "Theme party" twice before I am there already. Love them!

Wow, Chris with hair!! Cool.

The whole outfit

Not sure the Utah crowd was digging the Marlboro/ Miller advertising.

Hugh? Whaaaat?

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