Saturday, January 31, 2009

St. George - Day 2

Got the morning off to a right start:

And while Bob and I were doing that, Newby was breaking a derailleur on the Zen Trail while trying to get more hours in. We thought his bad luck was all done for the day when we caught up with him. Guess not.

That is 3 out of 4 for Newby. The Zen is costing him lots of money in wheels, derailleurs and tubes. Please note Bob modeling the popular booda belly.

Newby stealing from kids so he can keep track of time.

A view off of the Zen Trail looking over St. George

After hitting the Zen and the race course we headed toward Bear Claw Poppy which is when Bob discovered his blown Lefty Fork. Dang. At least it was discovered at the end of the ride!

With the help of Red Rock Bicycle here in St. George, Bob scored a Stumpjumper rig to ride tomorrow. That was super cool of them to help us out like that.

At least Bob bottles are nicely colored.

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StupidBike said...

Besides my buddha belly, my leg looks like some sort of mutant leg, dang.