Sunday, February 1, 2009

St.George - Day 3

Today it was around 60 degrees again and Bob and I got out on the Anasazi Trail. We had never been on it and had heard there were tons of petroglyphs. And it did not disappoint!

A lizard?

Bob looking for more petroglyphs. I kept telling him "a littler further to the right" (there was big cliff there) but he wasn't going for that one.

Crazy figures on the edge.

Crazy views too.


A family of feet plus others.

After we were done being tourists with our cameras, we headed over to the Barrel Roll trail. Oh man that was fun. You should have seen Bob cleaning everything on his rental rig. He was a lot braver than I would have ever been on a new rig, that is for sure. He rocked it.

3 days plus some great weather made for 7 hours of pure bliss on the bike. A good weekend!

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