Tuesday, February 3, 2009

UT to WA

I flew home to see my parents today. I haven't been home since September when I raced Star Crossed so it was about time I got home with all that has been going on with their health. These last few months every time I was able to try and get home I got sick (shocker with all the stress right?) so I am finally glad to have made it.

With all the different modes of transport I took today it was like a "planes trains and automobiles" kind of day. This bus was pimped out with your own lights, air, comfy seats, etc.. The nicest public bus that I have been on, that is for sure.

It was a beautiful plane ride in as Seattle was pretty clear - I could see everything reminding me of lots of great memories since I grew up here. Seattle was a warm 50 degrees (it is to me!) and I made friends instantly when I broke out my PB and J sandwich.

Oh and can I tell you just how great it was to only have a CARRY ON on the plane? No double bike case, bag, backpack and purse. OMG I was on top of the world with that one!

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