Monday, February 23, 2009

Weekend in St. George

What a great weekend....finally! I tore hubby Chris away from kite-skiing for one weekend and we got away for some long rides in the sun. On the way down to St. George we were happy with the new 80 miles an hour speed zone. Cool! Go Utah!

And we got a good laugh at this license plate. That is a good one to get by the luck of the draw.

We got down to St. George on Friday just in time to get a nice ride in.

On Saturday while we were waiting for Bob and Ken to make their way down from SLC we took the opportunity to wash our bikes that hadn't been washed since September. It has been too cold up north where we live to do that nonsense.

Once everyone was in St. George we headed out and of course got split from Chris in no less than a minute and a half. He thought we were going one way....or someway or something and we weren't. After regrouping, we got a lap in on the race course, the Zen Trail and then headed over to Bear Claw Poppy which was ridable! It wasn't last time we were down here do to all the mud on the trail but it has since dried.

Chris chilling at the top of Zen

St. George from the Zen Trail

Ken and Bobbay

The day was all without mishap until Bob hit his rim on the way back down. Uh, Bob.....gotta tip for you....if you are going to use Stans Sealant, you should really change it out more than TWICE a year. : )

So, 2.5 hours it was and then we got all ready for our fancy dinner in St. George that night. We tried to go to a dive of a place but local bike shop owners, Quentin and DJ, put the ole ix-nay on that one. They drove down after closing the shop to meet up with us at the 5 star restaurant they suggested. It was great to sit, relax, catch up with everyone and just laugh.

Sunday we all had a 3 hour ride on deck and Quentin was our guide. We did Goulds, Gem out to Hurricane Rim and did some crazy new cow trails that connected them too. In some spots I had no idea where I was as we rolled along getting the tour. The cow trails were actually nice and pretty fun. Them UT cows sure know what they are doing when they make a trail. The cow patties though...that's another story.

But of course before we started the tour on Sunday Bob, who claims I fiddle fart alot was the one that was fiddle farting. Proof in the pudding #1: Please notice Bob dinking around in the car while Quentin, DJ and Chris are ready to roll.

Proof in the pudding #2 that Bob (pumping up his tires now) was more of a fiddle farter today than myself:

How many Team Revolution members does it actually take to pump up a tire anyway?

And Proof in the pudding #3: Uh hugh, yeah. See....I am ready to rumble while I wait.

So Bob finally gets everything ready to go, we start riding and in under 1.5 minutes we have our very first flat. Quentin, the secret BMXer, just had to hammer into the first climb that had rocks all over the bottom of it.

DJ, who just took 4th at Old Pueblo!!! waits patiently for her husband to get the tire changed.

Oh, yeah, though......minor detail. Quentin doesn't have a tube and the only one DJ has is a shrader valve. Say what? Who carries those? What can you say, these bike shop owners of Over the Edge Sports in Hurricane have a lot up their sleeves these days but really, none of that should include a shrader tube here. Silly kids.

One of the crazy cow trails we took, led us to this overlook. Luckily we stopped our bikes in time. That would have been a big jump.

All in all, great weather and great fun.

Dang I sure needed that.

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Anonymous said...

i did race course zen and bear claw on friday. what a coincidence