Monday, March 2, 2009

Snow to Sun

How come this blog isn't updating on its own?

Man I guess I have been busy the last few weeks trying to get my life in gear. And I guess no news is good news to some extent. But actually, to rewind some, last week started with my mom telling me on Monday that she had her infection back again. This would be the third time now since December that it has come back. And if she can't get rid of it, she won't be able to take her RA medication which is why she is in this pickle right now anyway! She has been without her RA medication for a good solid 3 months now and it has taken its toll on her. She is in pain and is practically paralyzed with inflammation. This RA stuff is nothing to mess aground with. She has had ONE infusion with RA meds (when she was cleared for the 2nd time from the infection) and will get another in 2 weeks if she can get rid of the infection again by then. We need all fingers crossed because her quality of life has diminished greatly without her meds.

So yeah, then Tuesday she calls and says she may be going to the hospital and I need to fly to WA soon. OK.......I start making my plans to go on up but then Wednesday she calls again and is WAY better - the antibiotic for the infection is working I guess. She at that point tells me to stay put and then proceeds to tell me that she is now finally moving into the assisted living place Saturday (as in last Saturday). Dad also moved on that day from his other nursing home to the same place my mom is now. She is only a few floors above him in assisted living while he is in memory care but the closeness has allowed her to see him a ton. Excellent news really.

So yeah, lots - o - drama the beginning of last week and Thursdays tubing adventure couldn't have come at a better time. I went snow tubing in Heber City with David M, Team Manger of our 2009 Kenda - Tomac - Hayes MTB Team ,

his family,

and Chris Magerl our trusty team mechanic.

We had a blast bombing down the hill. C Mag kept trying to get arrow dynamic on us to get more speed.

C Mag was also in charge of pushing like a bat out of hell to get us the most momentum possible upon starting our descent down the snowy chute. He is such a team player always wanting us to go fast even if not on bikes!

With all this going on this last week, I was also putting in some nice and big hours on the bike. In retrospect it probably actually kept me sane and focused vs. in a complete tail spin with all the different things going on with my family. Sometimes the bike is your savior.

We planned on heading to St. George last weekend to cap off this training period with some sweet riding and St. George did not disappoint! That place absolutely rules. Especially this time of the year (snowy) when you can hop in the car, drive 4 hours and be riding in shorts and jersey.

We got there on Friday just barely barely in the knick of time to get a ride on the Churchrocks Trail. Chris definitely finished off the ride in the dark - I scooted out early to avoid doing that.

The next day Erika Powers, Chris and I headed to the heavenly land of IHOP for breakfast before our big ride. I ordered the Harvest Grain N Nut pancakes that they decided to down size on us with out telling anyone and I was served two pancakes on this massive plate that were the size of a saucer for $8. Well, that isn't sure isn't a recipe for "Come Hungry, Leave Happy" is it? I was reaching for the pepper, eating the garnish and begging off of others just to get more calories in me!! IHOP definitely heard from me on that one, in a nice way of course!

After that we headed to Over the Edge Sports in Hurricane, UT to meet up with the group headed to Gooseberry Mesa.

Hurricane is cool with horses on the streets...kind of like Heber actually! Oh and Hurricane is even more on the map now with an American Idol contestant from there. And, yes, I watch that show. Love it along with all the other reality TV I get hooked on over the winter while training in my basement.

The views on the drive to the windy but dry Gooseberry Mesa Trail system were awesome.

Erika and part of the group on Gooseberry. It is amazing how good riding can bring a ton a people together and you just all get along because you all share the same interest of sweet riding!

Chris and Erika. We decided that Gooseberry is a VERY good way to dust off any cobwebs on your technical skills cuz if you aren't looking up or if you don't know where to put your weight, you are hosed.

Gooseberry is amazing to ride on!

Check out this massive slab - o - slick rock

The only incident of the day was Chris going ass over tea kettle and clipping his carbon brake lever in the process. Nothing a little duct tape can't fix.

We also found a cell phone on the trail only to discover after calling the last number called on it that is was the guys who made the Gooseberry Trails!! We got to meet him (Morgan) and talk to him some about making the trail which was cool.

Then Sunday we went to church...

...of the Big Ring!

We summoned DJ to come ride with us on the Gem Hurricane Rim loop. She is something else, that girl. She knows how to suffer!

Man this place is just ugly! (not!)

The "SHHHHHHH" in Sherwin came to life today. 2 Sherwins = 2 flats.

DJ built a lot of the trails we were on today and I would say she did a dang good job! Ahhhhh, singletrack!

At the very least it makes you happy, something that has been missing a lot from my life this winter with my parents being so sick.