Sunday, March 8, 2009

A nice view of Mount Timpanogos from Heber.

This last week has been long has it been since you read a crazy sentence like that on my blog?! So my parents are settled in their new home away from home as of last Saturday and mom is in luxury having every need catered to at all hours of the day. She is extremely happy in her new place and is having the time of her life exploring all the different hallways, going to the library, running into old friends, checking out all the activities they put on and most importantly having all her food cooked for her. All she does is head down the elevator, orders off a menu, eats until she is full and leaves. She doesn't have to tip or anything. This assisted living facility is just like an all inclusive resort and it sooooo darn nice. I'd move in too if I could!

Everyone is nice there and she is enjoying spending a lot more time with dad who is only a few floors down from her. She does keep wanting to do all the activities (this is quite normal as she is busy body) and I have to tell her that this isn't freakin' Summer Camp and to take it down a notch. I know she wants to "go" and "do" and "see" and "be" but she needs to take the time to heal up some and let that little 97lb body of hers gain weight and get strong again. She does get that and is trying to take her time with things but I have a feeling she may enjoy the fully stocked and well frequented bar downstairs a ton once she really feels better!

Dad seems to be getting along quite well there too. When he was shown his room for the first time he said "nice!". That is a good sign as getting him to speak is difficult these days. And like I said before, he is in a different part of the assisted living place but he (like my mom) has all his own furniture now and has a room to himself just like my mom does. It is a much better situation for him compared to the other nursing home he was at. The other one was nice and all, but this just suits dads needs much better. At this new place I believe they are trying to teach dad how to get in and out of his room since the lock operates much like a hotel credit card key. It ought to be interesting to see how long it takes for him to learn.

So good news there and the other good news is that I am coming around finally. I can feel it. I am getting back into a routine with life again and it feels wonderful. I am going to cherish every moment of it while it lasts!!

I have been so exhausted with emotion lately that it has almost seemed crippling. After training sessions I would just about curl up in a ball and sleep forever it seems. And my body wasn't recovering well from the training because of the stress even with all the sleep. Now that has changed and I am on the road to recovery! That is a good feeling. Better late than never! We will see how all of this mess I have been in translates into the start of the mtb season in a few weeks. Could be pretty interesting as you never know how things may help or hinder you. So far all the setbacks I have been through have only helped me; we shall see if this is at all the same in a few weeks won't we?

As for training, it has been gorgeous here. Winds have been steady at 10mph-40mph in the valley here which can be terribly annoying on my rides but, hey, I will take it because life is good and its great to be outside in March here!

Is that deer sleeping in this guys yard or what?

Some deer better not pick my lawn to die on! YUCK!

But winter is still certainly here in good ole Heber Valley.

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