Friday, March 13, 2009

Training in the great Land of Heber

I am pretty sure that today must have been "National Back Your Car Out of the Driveway (while Kathy is riding by) Day". What the heck was the deal with that?? Crazy. The stars must have been aligned or something. Everyone was going somewhere I wasn't, that is for certain. What else is new. : )

In addition to making sure I wasn't get my tail run over by cars backing out, I was seeing all types of birds today.......if you can really call what I saw "birds". The first ones I saw were some kind of herons or cranes or something. Every year those guys migrate through here and its pretty cool to see. Couldn't get a super great close up but you can see their gangly legs and long necks on the right side of this pic. One is brown and the other is white.

Then I ran into some ducks floating in the "river". But I only got a duck butt shot:

As for the other "bird" I ran into....A chicken on the right in the pic.

Why did the chicken cross the road?

Well, he didn't because I scared the ba-Jesus out of him.

Whoa, just noticed its Friday the 13th. Now it all makes sense.

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