Saturday, March 14, 2009

Riding the Lake

That'd be Salt Lake. I don't get down to the valley much to ride so when Bob organized a ride, I was in! We were able to nab Mark Pasternak (2nd place overall finisher for the Masters 35+B category in cross this season!! Whoo Hoo!) and Shannon Boffeli, website master extraordinaire, for a long mtb ride.

The crew:

We headed from the Zoo on Shoreline and on up through Dry Creek. We hit mud in a few spots for sure but it was just a great excuse to work on technical skills, balance and, of course, your bike afterwards. Eeeeeks. My bike wasn't so happy happy go lucky after that part!

There were times when the mud was just flying off wheels, the air filled with mud asteroids and you'd be lunging one way with your upper body to avoid the flying mud and your lower body would be doing something else in order to keep the bike up right. Goofy cyclists. Of course we didn't all escape the mud asteroids as my best one was a solid nose plug. Yep, one just the size of my nostril got jammed right in there. How is that for great aim? Shannon got a good one right in the eyeball, while Bob and Mark were just trying not to catch them in their mouth.

But overall things were dry. Drier than I thought they would be. After doing a loop on that Shannon and I decided to head up Emigration Canyon to top off the tank....or maybe just the opposite. Getting just under 4 hours in today in the Salt Lake area felt awesome!!

We saw sooooooooooooooooooooooo many road bikes out there today and there we were with our junked up mtb bikes rallying up the road with mud all over us too. We must have looked like the misfits that we are. Maybe that is why a select few that I said "hi" to pretended I wasn't even there. Nice.

I will never understand why people don't say hi back when you clearly said hello to them in their face. Whatever. Such party poopers!! It is an interesting world out there and I will keep saying hi until I am blue in the face because that is who I am and I won't expect everyone to reciprocate I guess. But to those who do and can say hi back because you aren't charging it up a hill - you rock!


flahute said...

I saw you and Shannon heading up Emigration as I was coming down ... it was a beautiful day for a ride yesterday.


I thought that was you!