Friday, March 27, 2009

Fontana, CA Pre-ride

Got to Fontana, CA safe and sound aside from a quick 4 or 5 mile detour heading back towards Salt Lake City by accident. Whoops - how'd that happen?! It's called talking and not paying attention to road signs after getting off the highway for gas. Amanda was at least willing to pull a sheeky move to get going the right way again vs waiting for the next exit along I-15. That's a girl!

Got a good lap or two in on the "shortened" course. Well ok, they shortened it mileage wise but because what they threw in instead was major climbing the times were almost the same for a pre-ride. Race pace will be interesting to see how much time we drop off.

The first climb out on the course is a doozy. The first time up it I was like "REALLY/SERIOUSLY?!!???" because it was so steep and about 3-5 minutes maybe??? The second time up it, it wasn't as much of a shocker thank heavens.
See the mountain in back? Yep, straight up that sucker.

From there it sent you down some singletrack that boasted large rocks on either side of it in mostly the corners of course. Then it was pavement to the old dirt climb up past the water tower, some new downhill windy singletrack off to the left in a gully and then back up to the downhill dusty rutted singletrack that we always do all the way down to where it used to figure eight. Then it was left instead of right down the fast open descent to the cul de sac and on back towards the start/finish. Pro women were set to do 4 laps on Sunday.

C Mag starts in on working like a crazy man:

Matt Ohran shows up with the entire Mona Vie crew

Afterwards we went to Trader Joes and got settled into the hotel. Man, racers sure know how to fill an entire day up (pack car, drive to CA, unpack car at hotel, repack car with riding gear, ride, load back up, shop TJ, unload, make dinner, get settled..............and finally to BED).

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