Thursday, March 26, 2009

Utah to CA

Ok, so I gotta admit......packing for the first race of the season blows. It is certainly a fun time to be packing for, but it is also a nutty time. You have new bike parts and new this and new that and need to replace it with the old stuff that is perma packed in all your different bags. So what ends up happening is that your house looks like a hurricane hit it as you are replacing old sponsor product with the new. Figuring out what to do with the old is also an adventure along with making room for the new. Like I said, wouldn't trade this life for anything but it can be a bit crazy at times especially when you are packing for the first race of the season and packing is a foreign concept still.

And just to add to the insanity I am only going to be home for 10 days between now and June 1st. So getting things done like finishing up final doctors appts, dentist appts, haircuts and all that other weird stuff just adds to the craziness.

Amanda got up at 4am or some other ungodly hour to drive in from Jackson Hole area in a snow storm. She picked up both C mag and myself up this morning in SLC. The plan? Get on I-15 South and get off it in a few days for the first national race of the season. Lots of driving.

We did take a break in St. George though. Got a ride in Hurricane which lived up to its name fine and dandy. It was extremely windy. I think I could have ridden to CA with little effort. We were dodging tumbleweeds left and right. Check em' all out waiting to attack as we rode by:

Couldn't dodge this one

Amanda trying out the new rig

Wind plus weather so cold that we needed to wear our thermal jackets while riding today =
heated butt seats in high mode once we got back to the car.

Ahhhhhh. On to CA tomorrow.

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