Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The World Goes Round

Well I tell you what. People really make the world go round don't they? My yoga teacher on Monday said something like "We need each other" and my first thought was "Oh cheeseball". But as I started thinking about it, IT IS SO TRUE and I take every cheeseball thought I had about that statement back.

I have probably used each and every one of my friends as crutches over this entire winter.....when I didn't go into hiding that is. And all of my buddies don't really know how much that meant to me weather it was getting a phone call from them to see how I was holding up or them just simply making me smile. There were certainly times this winter that if a stranger had frowned at me in the store or something I would have started crying right then and there. But having all my buds support in every way that it came in was unreal because I was a mess.

But all this reflective stuff I am typing is relating to me picking up my new ready to ride Tomac Type X bike for the first time from the shop.

I am so lucky to have someone as knowledgeable as Ryan Keating at Revolution putting my bike together for me at a moments notice. Ryan is a phenomenal mechanic. I actually met him when I was on SoBe/Cannondale 8 years ago on the road when I first went Pro, and he continues to be the happy - go lucky - smart guy that existed back then. You won't ever see Ryan without a smile and joking around. And every year he always puts up with me dropping my bike(s) off in 3000 parts and saying "I need this yesterday"

And then on to having Chris Tolsma at Binghams work his magic measuring all my angles and sawing stuff off from my bike to make it fit. That guy is awesome and I won't even ride my bike unless Chris has gotten to it first. That is a Kathy rule. Chris knows what he is doing and knows just how to set things up correctly so that you aren't riding with knee pain, numb toes or tingly hands. He knows his stuff and is always so willing to make a my bike ridable at a moments notice as well.

And for them both to do things so quickly and get all my stuff in order so effortlessly so that I can squeeze in ONE ride on my bike before I leave for CA is just so nice and awesome!

All this brings me back to "We need each other". Without these guys and without all the other guys and gals who had to take on other responsibilities while Ryan and Chris worked on another Pro's bike I wouldn't have a fully built and ready to rumble bike in my hands so quickly. Thanks all you guys for all your hard work. You make the world go round!

Now, if you all can just work on this Utah weather for me a bit.

You would never know that just days ago it was 74 degrees would you? Eeeeek.

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Genericyclist said...

You know it's my pleasure, really! You rock, your attitude rocks and I benefit more from the association for sure. Best on your season, kid. Besides, if I don't do it know where to find me.

CT at BC