Sunday, March 22, 2009


We had all planned to ride together again on the mtb bikes but the weather had other ideas. It was supposed to start nuking the second we all woke up in the morning which meant every man and women for themselves. I was out the door on my bike at around 10 am which is absolutely unheard of but the weather that was making its way to Utah was NOT of the pleasant variety and I wasn't about to hit the trainer for the afternoon after the awesome day I had yesterday on my bike outside.

The lonesome ride by myself started out ok for the most part but as the day progressed it just got ugly and eerie looking out there.

It was all gloomy and dark, no cars on the road, the wind was blowing, things were flying in the air like newspaper and you could hear the wind whistling through the trees. Yeah......eerie.

It was a good time to ride by myself and think of a plan of attack for the week. The coming week was inundated with places to go and people to see and lots to do, along with being fully packed and ready to leave for 2 weeks by Thursday morning for the first races of the year in CA.

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