Saturday, March 21, 2009

MTB Ride

Today we were able to do another group ride on the trails in SLC. We had a crew of 5 or 6 or 4 or something. I couldn't keep track because people were coming and going the whole time. Everyone and their mother were enjoying the DRY trails in the 70 degree plus weather today so we kept running into folks.

The motley crew..........

Shannon and Erica (in the background!)




and Brian, who was too quick to get a picture of.

The wind was fierce today but that was all good as the riding was fabulous. We got in about 4 hours of trail riding which was so much fun! It was also great to see everyone and their mother out on the trails enjoying life in shorts! We may have all been landing planes with our white legs but, goodness it was fun.

Afterwards I got the call from Revolution that my Tomac Type X bike was ready to rumble and all assembled! So I picked that up and then dropped it off with Chris Tolsma at Binghams in downtown SLC. You seen that place? They moved off of Foothill Blvd into their new digs by Pioneer Park and it's gorgeous! All set up near the best sandwich shop and coffee shop too. Check it out when you can.

And a bike THANKS to all these guys for helping me with all my stuff. They are so patient with me and they all make my world go round in the right direction with their crazy amount knowledge and extensive backgrounds with bikes. Thanks guys and gals!

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