Thursday, March 19, 2009

Training Parter

I can't even tell you how dang busy things have been. Well, I guess you know that since I haven't update this ole blog here in some time. Between going to doctor appts, getting the bike ready to go, putting in big hours, and packing for the first race of the season I have been in a whirlwind. Been meaning to update this every day for the last 2 weeks but life got in the way. So I am going to have to do a recap since I have pix ready to rumble for it and I don't want them going to waste.

So first off I found a new training partner in Heber. His name is Paul and he is a "Tri Guy". He works a ton but enjoys hammering himself into the ground when he can. Perfect training partner!

Paul and I met about 4 years ago in the local coffee shop and exchanged #'s but never could make training together work out. This time we did and it has made those longer rides a heck of a lot more fun! He may have called me a few names though as I had to hammer up one of Hebers 8% climbs three times this particular time out. Let's see.....after it was all said and done I remember him saying he had fun in a "Kathy is a %&*@#$ kind of way". But he held on the whole way through and even got through the suffering of the last interval which he didn't even think was possible for himself when we first started them. A true glutton for punishment which means Paul will be flying very soon.

Here he his estactic that we are ready for the final descent of the day.

Oh yeah, and before I went out on this ride I had a doctors appt. and there was this thing in the waiting room.

Is there something extremely wrong with me that I had to hold myself back from checking this toy out? I duh no, it just looked like fun but I didn't want to get weird looks so I didn't. But it's just so colorful!!!!!!!!!!

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