Monday, March 30, 2009

Fontana to SD

After not wanting able to move all morning and maybe a little bit of not wanting to pack all our stuff again too, Amanda and I hung in the hotel room today until the last possible second. After that we had to kick our own butts out the door.

But we got to San Diego safe and sound and we were able to head out for a nice ride on Fiesta Island. Apparently that is the place that a lot of cyclists go to get some training in. And the reason we know this? Ryan, who is from here and is family was able to shed some light on the subject. He even joined us for the ride although I am sure he is wondering how it is that we are pro bike racers being that it was a recovery day for us. Poor guy must have been bored silly on his road bike!

But seriously, hanging here at my cousins house this week while its snowing in Utah is a godsend.

But I am going to get spoiled.

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