Friday, April 3, 2009

Week in SD

This week has been fun. LOTS of sleeping and doing absolutely nothing except riding our bikes. We found a trail not too far from where we are staying called the Anderson Truck Trail.

It was amazingly fun, completely buffed out and well tended to. The only drawback was this rattlesnake resting in the sun as I climbed back out. I don't mind snakes at all and I wanted to just sneak around and behind him but I thought better of it because that would just be stupid stupid stupid if I got bit simply because I am impatient. So I u-turned and went down again and when I came back it was gone. Yay!

We also hit Harbison Canyon area and got another ride in on what we now call Fantasy Island.

The weather has been great here and has allowed for some nice rides and great down time.

And on a side note, we had to go to a local bike shop and while they were working on Amanda's stuff, the guys daughter was RIGHT behind me doing this.

I am pretty sure that this proves you don't want me as your babysitter.


Pedal Circles said...

I live in So Cal and haven't seen ONE snake! You saw two in one week?? Crazy!

Anderson is a blast! Last time I rode it was on my Demo 7, though!


The snakes must just love me then - wish they would stop that.