Saturday, April 4, 2009

Kenda Cup West Pre-Ride - San Diego, CA

Today we drove out of San Diego about 50 minutes east to the mountainous region of Lake Morena to get an idea of what the course is going to be like in tomorrows race. And the only idea that I got from it is that it was a stinking LONG pre-ride...longer than Sea Otter and we didn't even do ALL of the course. Skipped 7 miles of it. Should have been done in 2 separate days ideally I think. Whatever, it will be good to have a solid day in today followed by the race day tomorrow. It is not as though I am peaking for this race and a little added torture tomorrow will always pay off in the long run when it really counts.

It has been a long time since I have ridden a course that I didn't know so that was a bit strange but this place is awesome! The course starts out with a very long paved hill climb. Once about halfway up that peak in the distance there... turns to the coolest singletrack that I have ever ridden in a bike race. It is smooth, banked, twisty and fast. Even the ups are fast.

I think the problem tomorrow is going to be speed checking yourself quite frankly. You can RIP the whole thing but there are parts sneak up on you where you are going to need skill and technique or risk going FLYING off the course.

The views were amazing and very unique as this place was torched a few years ago by fire.

This picture shows just a little better view of the banking in the background. Yeah!!! It is really fun.

So once through this section that even has a minor hike a bike in it (similar to Lehi) we get dumped out onto another paved road which goes up to where this singletrack started, but THEN we have to head on up to the tippy top of that peak in the picture above again and then descend on fast, loose, flowing singletrack all the way back to the start/finish. It is a very unique course that thanks you for climbing the paved roads to the top with the absolute best singletrack to the bottom.

It is going to be a long long day in the saddle tomorrow! Race starts at 11am then we clean up, pack up and head on out to our $5.33 cents room in the Vegas area as we make our way home. No I am not kidding. I know how to find a bargain don't I!?

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