Friday, April 24, 2009

Last Fill of Santa Barbara

Today Dr. Eric Heiden called Chris at home and had him come into his office in Park City to check out the splinting job the ER did in CA. Turned out that it wasn't a very good one so Dr. Heiden volunteered to redo Chris's cast making it a ton smaller so that he could flex his knee which he could not before. Dr. H also gave Chris a prognosis and diagnosis which will be something Chris can take into his consult on Monday with the Ankle/Foot Orthopedic Surgeon. Thank heavens for good friends yet again!!

In the meantime I was busy getting my last fill of Santa Barbara in, as this was going to be my last ride for a while here.

Taking a ride past USCB (Univ of CA- Santa Barbara)

Going past a huge crane (as in bird!). Of course you can't really see him....he is in front of the pond and is white.

Ah yes, the ocean.

Taking the bike path around Santa Barbara. They have a such a great network that connects everything to everything and if there isn't a path, you have a bike lane. It is so great!

And my final sighting of this bird that has been driving me bonkers since I have been here. I think it's a dove and it only has one tune and it sings that one tune ALL DAY. Cute at first. Old and annoying after that but it gives you a could chuckle because its so ridiculous.

Alright, pre-ride the Santa Barbara race course tomorrow (yes, I am still planning on racing!) and race on Sunday.

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