Tuesday, April 21, 2009

What a Week

On Monday we headed down the coast with our final destination of Santa Barbara. Along with spectacular views....

...Chris, while driving no less was able to spot the spray of several whales out in the ocean. That was really neat to see!!

We also ran into things like this along the way too. So cute!

And then there was this guy. I am telling you it was like a snake with legs. I have not seen anything like it... and it liked me!!! The second I got out of the car to see the view of the ocean, this thing was out of the brush and twisting its way through my flip flops!!!!! I about had a heart attack!

More CA coast views

We also hit a beach that is full of elephant seals every year at this time

This guy was cute

Here is a whole gang of them

Yes, Monday was great but by Tuesday night we were here.

Chris was kiteboarding in the ocean and was getting some air off a wave, landed upright and felt pain. He looked down and was shocked to see his left ankle facing 90 degrees the wrong way. Within a few seconds it snapped itself back into joint. Knowing there was more wrong Chris jumped off his board and body drug himself with the wind sail to the shore where he started calling for help because he could not use his leg. There were several people around and they were all right on top of things. One dialed 911, 3 helped him across the beach, another got all his stuff in order even putting all his kite gear nicely folded back into its bag and then a few of them followed Chris in the ambulance with his car so that the car would be at the hospital! They even checked on him in the hospital and had to go back to the parked car to grab Chris's wallet for him. What a great group of people, all of whom Chris did not know.

In the meantime I had gotten the call that that this was all happening so I was making my way down to Ventura with Eric.

Turns out that Chris broke his fibula and severed/ruptured the deltoid ligament and will need surgery ASAP. His thoughts on that seen here.

Yep, day number one of a month of bliss in Santa Barbara and this happens. Everyone agrees that this SUCKS.

Let's just say... that is not a BEER

This is Chris's first big injury ever and given how active the guy is, that is pretty amazing. Here he is getting the tutorial on how to use crutches. They kind of just give them to you and walk away as if you were born to know what the heck to do with them and after he almost fell a few times I got these guys in there to freakin' help us already!!!

Gonna post the rest of what is happening in another post, this one is getting too out of control.


Utah Mnt biker said...

I'm surprised he didn't just use an empty Gatorade bottle.

Sonya said...

great pics!! hope Chris feels better soon


Thx for the well wishes Sonya!