Wednesday, April 22, 2009

What a Week Cont'd

You can see his fracture on the right side in this picture (a white diagonal line)

And in this picture its on the left where you can really see the space

And to think that on Monday in Pacific grove things started out so pleasant sipping a latte wondering how long it may take us to get to SB.

Of course by the time we actually got to Santa Barbara on Monday I was looking like this. Got it all from the passenger seat! Irish skin + no sun all winter = bad news bears.

Wednesday, only 12 hours after Chris's accident was so full of emails, texts and phone calls to every last person that I knew or thought I knew that had any experience with ankle injuries. I was on the phone or something the WHOLE day. It was slightly stressful but I have recent experience with figuring this stuff out remember?! Luckily I also have all my own doctors on speed dial and they were more than helpful sending me in the right direction. I want Chris to have "the guy" look at his ankle. I got him several appts next week and finally whittled them down to one guy that I think will be "the guy". Actually make that 2 guys, since I want a second opinion. So he has 2 appts now. One Monday and one Tuesday.

Chris was more than happy to let me take the reins on this one since he was totally out of it today. He made a phone call or two or maybe three to the 2 Orthopedic Surgeons that are good friends of ours....Eric Heiden and Josh in PA. They were so kind and helpful and actually said that his injury was a common one and shouldn't be too crazy. I hope that is true!!!!

Eric was even willing to move everything around and get Chris into surgery this Friday but that was just too much to think about too soon and we were still in CA anyway. And unfortunately Eric is heading out for the Tour of Romendie this weekend so we had to find someone else. We shall see what the cards hold!


StupidBike said...

I got a pocket knife and some ether, I'll take care of him, 5 bucks

Chris said...

If you need help at the race this weekend, say the word...