Saturday, May 23, 2009

Ankle Bone is Connected to the Knee Bone it is.

Wow.....where have I been?! Well it obviously wasn't the computer as you can tell but I am still home in Utah although I am chomping at the bit to leave again for racing.

So a bit of a recap...Chris had his check up just under 2 weeks ago and things were looking as good as they could be only 2 weeks out from surgery. The doctor was pleased with what he saw.

Yep, some swelling

Nice franken - stitch

And bruising

Chris was given this black boot to wear now that stretches out his Achilles and calf muscle so that it isn't permanently shortened. I guess if you don't do that you end up walking on the ball of your foot the rest of your life. That is no good! Thank heavens they know about these things!! So Chris is still on crutches until the end of June when he can start weight bearing 25%. That is also when ankle therapy will start.

Then onto my family situation......the next day after feeling like life was getting back on track after getting a good report from Chris's doctor, my mom went to the ER again. She was having extreme pain on her right side but they ended up letting her go saying it was undiagnosed pain.

I tell you what....the second I ever start feeling good or tell someone I am doing well, stuff like this happens to my poor mom that just doesn't need anymore happening to her. The phone call sadly didn't affect me much either because it's happening so often that I am becoming numb to it! How horrible is that? When my brother called to let me know what was happening with mom he could have just been telling me mom was going to the store by my reaction. But that doesn't mean I didn't think and worry about her all day!!! But she is out of the ER now and back in assisted living for the moment.

The next day was my turn at the doctors. Went to the Dermatologist for a weird red mark on my lip that appeared about 6 months ago. It would randomly flake and then not flake so I decided to be safe about it since I am in the sun training every day. And my choices he gave me??? Freeze it or wait until it declares itself as cancer. Hmmmmm....let me think about this....choose between my life...... or just dealing with what was going to look like Herpes simplex 14 after he froze it for a few weeks???? Yeah, not rocket science here, freeze the sucker.

I have been able to get in some Heber groups rides too.

Being home has been so good in so many ways. We were supposed to be gone all month but obviously with Chris's injury plans changed. And it has allowed us to enjoy Heber during the Spring which is a first, we have met neighbors that have lived next to us for 4 years that we never have spoken to, I have been able to go to Pilates, Yoga, relax at home, get stuff done, catch up with buddies and even get the patio furniture out before the first winter freeze! I feel so caught up with it all because normally I have time to get the deck furniture out sometime at the end of July! Home has been good, peaceful and relaxing. Oh and we would have gotten evacuated in Santa Barbara because our friends that we were staying with did! How random is life? Not really so at all.

With all this free time we even got some know....the best kind of pets. The ones that feed themselves, bathe themselves, make their own bed, are in charge of their own activities. Gotta love Robins. They are right next to our front door too. 3 babies and mom. We think mom was born here a few years ago and has come back with these little nuggets to raise.

I have even gotten Chris into Pilates with me too!! He is eager to build his upper body and burn calories as much as possible since he has gone from 100 mph to a halt. He has been hitting the gym, rock climbing (using one leg!!) and is joining us gals in the Pilates studio twice a week. It has been fun to introduce him to all my Pilates buddies that have been hearing about him for years now but never met him.

So don't you worry about Chris because he is just a busy little guy getting around the house and area like rock star. We had an amazing friend loan us an automatic car that he can use to get away from me when he wants even! Freedom!! Chris is getting a ton of work done on the computer too which is just awesome. He has been extremely busy with all kinds of things and is holding up super well really. I am amazed at how well he has been able to adapt to life on one leg.

Onto the Soldier Hollow race: before the local Soldier Hollow race my teammate Amanda Carey came into town to race it. I decided to not race which was sucky because it's only 10 minutes from my house but the way my body had been feeling made the decision a super easy one! My body came to a crashing halt when I got home from CA and I had to listen to everything it had to say because I have had so much stress on my shoulders for an entire winter. So I decided to listen to it one more week and do support instead for Amanda and Heather Holmes if she wanted since they were representing the team this weekend. I almost didn't make my post though as I ran into a mass of loose bulls and cows on the dirt roads I was taking on my bike to get to Soldier Hollow the day of the race and I had to unexpectedly turn around! That left me potentially late to pick up the feeds from those guys and I ended up having to time trial it out there to Soldier Hollow. That DID not feel good not warmed up at all but I made it just in the knick of time. It was fun to watch the race and catch up with everyone while cheering for my speedy teammates. Amanda won and Heather rocked a second place!!

Chris was able to make it out too. This was a funny picture that Theresa C took. The kid behind Chris had no idea what to make of Chris's walking sticks! He kept looking at Chris and following him around. Pretty funny.

It was great to see everyone again too!

Afterwards there was a Team Revolution BBQ. These kids brought a snake in that they had caught on their own somehow. It looked like a rattler but it wasn't. They had been hanging with the snake for most of the race too!

The next day Heather, myself, Ron Prue, The Chad, Carolyn Popovic and Sarah Kaufmann all went for a ride on the Flying Dog Trail in Park City. Carolyn and Sarah were just here quick for the weekend to race and were heading back to CA promptly after the ride. Life on the road! On the trail there were some wet spots that still existed but it was nothing that should keep you off it at this point. We BBQed it up at the Chads later that night and tried to get him to repeat his made up word "Stumpifide". It was originally used in a sentence by The Chad such as this....."Scientists were stumpifide as to where it came from". Then he looked at us weird and said, is that a word? Oh The Chad......Oh The Chad (shaking my head).

As for this week, it has been a normal one for me so far. I hate to say that actually because I feel like that jinxes me some. But I said it anyway. Pretty stupid that if life is without crazy phone calls hearing about my sick parents for 10 whole entire days that I think life is wonderful. It is all perspective I guess and I am happy that all seems to be well with them at the moment. I know mom is eating more at this point and actually has an appetite again which is a godsend. She also seems to be holding off the infection as well......

Next up is a race on a course this weekend that has plenty of this. Do you know how fun it is to race when you have this to look forward too? Can't wait.

But yeah, training normal, feeling normal, recovering normal, haven't had a big blow out cry session in almost 3 is good! Getting ready to head to Alabama at the end of next week for the next race with the help of my fantastic sponsors. I hadn't planed on doing it so I didn't have quite the tire selection I needed and as for setting the new tires up on my SunRingle rims....well let's just say that I am glad our AWESOME mechanic CMag lives in SLC.

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