Sunday, May 10, 2009

Hanging In There

These last two weeks with Chris fresh out of surgery have gone pretty darn well. Chris is getting along better than anyone had hoped. He is in a limited amount of pain and is getting around the house like a super star which involves a staircase too. It has definitely taken some adjustment on both our parts but such is life right? I do have to be careful not to leave things laying around the house that would impede his progression from one area of the house to the other....unless I want to be evil that is!

Chris has done everything he should according to the doctors orders. That included elevating his leg for an entire 4 days right out of surgery with trips off the couch only limited to extremely necessary trips. Those 4 days weren't hunky dory for either of us but we got through it. We have given him a little backpack too that he gets to carry around on his back so that he can transport things around the house. It is hard to transport stuff when you are holding on for dear life to crutches!

But for whatever reason, I have been absolutely exhausted lately and have been taking some serious down time to let my body catch up with my ever changing life. That doesn't mean I haven't been riding though!

Oh and I had a first today on my bike. There was this little cute white dog with a tee shirt on in the middle of the road and when he saw me he was the happiest dog ever. It was as though I were its owner getting home finally. Then after he ran up to me all cute like, he started running along side me. He was so happy and so cute. But to not get attacked and barked at by a dog and instead have a happy little one be so excited to see me was a true first!

It has been nice weather wise around here but it's weird because I have never been here during the spring because I am always gone racing. So to hear rain hitting the roof of the house I am in shock! I didn't know it rained that much here ever and had to ask Chris what that noise was!

Windy day in Heber. Deer Creek Reservoir looked like it had white caps in it!!

Good news with my mom too. She has SO far been able to fight off this last bout of the infection that keeps returning. Keep crossing your fingers on this one because if she can keep this infection at bay and not let it come back a 6th time she will get to go back on her rheumatoid arthritis treatments which will give her her life back. But despite that, my tough ole mom sounds better and is better. She is still a tiny little thing but she is eating and has an appetite again thank heavens.

Oh and I finally got the car unpacked from our CA/Santa Barbara trip just yesterday. It was filled to the brim with things stuffed under the seats and I had to unload it all myself since Chris couldn't help. So I picked at it over these last few weeks and finally took the last thing out of there yesterday if you can believe that.

On that note, it may have been a real good thing that we had to leave Santa Barbara (4 weeks early!) because Chris needed surgery. Those fires there sound terrible and I know that our buddies house where we were staying was SUPER close to the northern evacuation line. That would not have been pleasant time and we may have found ourselves evacuated and drivng to Heber anyway right now!
So the Sherwin's are coming along and getting along and I am going to leave this post at that.


Anonymous said...

Yayyyyy for the sherwins! I'll be home Friday so lets hook up for some coffee talk next week!


I am in! I am home for what seems like forever so lets do the coffee dance.

drrna said...

Good to see you're back in the hood. I'm counting on you to drag Theresa around on her road bike. I'm too slow for her.


YOU slow?? Now that's a good one.