Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Chris's Surgery Day

Checking in. Man, this place looks all too familiar! Chris just had to copy me didn't he?

And with Chris being the Chris that he is.....he decided to lay UPSIDE down in the bed. All the nurses and doctors that came in were like "WHAT!?" Apparently they have never had a patient do that. Chris was only trying to elevate his leg while waiting for all the pin pricks, stabs and questions.

Chris in his OR gown ready to rumble. I think that style of wear looks great on him!

Once they wheeled him into surgery I headed to Costco to load up on the fruits and veggies. All the doctors and nurses were surprised by that too; they assumed I was going to be waiting outside the OR for him. Or not!! I gots things to do people! Plus when Chris dumped me off for surgery back in July he went and a taught a Spanish class. Payback is rough sometimes! Ha ha!

The surgery was short and sweet. Think the doctor knocked it out in about an hour and everything went super well and as expected. The deltoid ligament did NOT have to be sewn back on either as it went into place on its own.

Chris was pretty out of it afterwards as you can see from the placement of the straw. : )

Afterwards Chris hoarded all the Fig Newtons they offered him as he had not eaten since the night before and it was now 5pm. He was super psyched to go to Cafe Rio and get a big ole gut bomb burrito and all the nurses begged us not to do that. They said that it was a bad idea as the stomach can suddenly revolt. Whatever, we did it anyway and Chris was fine. Hells bells, I walked out of surgery and went to freaking Quiznos for goodness sake. Ate the whole thing too and was hungry later even.

Everything was fine and dandy with his surgery and now........let the healing begin.

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